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Ein gutes Gefühl, wenn Verantwortung Geschichte hat. Ritex produziert mit modernster Technologie ausschließlich in Deutschland. Dieser Film zeigt den Weg vom Naturkautschuklatex zum fertigen Kondom. Mit Liebe für die Liebe von Ritex gemacht!

State Materials Testing Institute (MPA) Darmstadt
The State Materials Testing Institute (MPA) Darmstadt is a world-leading institute in the specialist areas of "condom testing" and "developing quality and test specifications, as well as condom inspection programmes".


BVMed membership
The German Medical Technology Association, BVMed, has created a specialist division for condom manufacturers. According to the law with regard to medical products, condoms are categorised as class IIb medical devices. Ritex joined BVMed after the former alliance of German condom distributors, "Deutsche Latex-Forschungsgemeinschaft Kondome" (German Research Foundation for Latex Condoms), was dissolved at the end of 2015.

Condom Area

Participation in DIN standards committee (latex and mechanical methods of contraception)

The DIN Standards Committee Medicine (NAMed) is responsible for national standardisation procedures and represents German standards interests at the European (CEN) and international (ISO) level for example with medical devices, including condoms, as a German mirror committee for the international standards committee ISO TC 157. The aim of any standardisation work is to establish the highest possible level of quality for standardised products and processes, thereby making an important contribution to user safety.


Markenverband membership

Ritex is a member of the German Brands Association. This represents the interests of around 400 businesses which manage thousands of brands with which they successfully operate in various markets.


Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA)
Ritex supports the educational work of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and its campaigns to increase the acceptance of condoms among the general population.


Participation in international condom standards in ISO TC 157
As a result of the Vienna Agreement, European condom standardisation was put into the hands of ISO to prevent the duplication of European and international work and to help unify requirements that foster the international movement of goods. CEN then takes the results of ISO standardisation work and translates them into a binding European standard (EN). DIN in turn takes the EN and translates it into a German standard (DIN). Participation in the international standardisation committee ISO is very important for Ritex as a German manufacturer, as its results will ultimately be binding for our production in Germany.