The Ritex Philosophy

 "The Ritex brand stands for feeling, safety and mutual trust. Our range of products is perfectly tailored to users’ needs. Maximum safety and unparalleled compatibility for the users of our products are our guiding principles. We are committed to premium quality and the latest technologies. All Ritex products are exclusively manufactured in Germany. This way, we can guarantee top quality and jobs."

Condoms protect against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

As such, we feel particularly responsible for the life and health of our product users.

We have been producing and distributing the highest quality condoms since 1948 and every year since then, millions of customers have placed their trust in the Ritex brand. This makes Ritex one of Germany’s best-selling and most popular condom brands.

Dipl.-Kfm. (FH)
Managing director

Hans-Roland RICHTER
Managing director


Condoms are produced in large quantities - and at Ritex this happens around the clock and to a large extent automatically. Of particular importance are permanent quality checks that accompany the individual process steps continually. All raw materials being processed are carefully tested in our labs according to strict criteria. In addition to individual inspections, samples from every batch are examined in the lab in a number of ways. The delicate products need to be able to withstand extreme loads, such as those exerted during burst and tear tests.

All test results are recorded electronically, documented and assigned to the production batches. The data from each production phase is therefore available, from imported raw material to the finished condom. The thorough archiving and long-term statistical evaluation of the documentation concerning batches creates an extremely valuable data pool.

In addition to this, Ritex voluntarily subjects its condom range to stringent external reviews by the State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt.

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