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Ritex - The Brand
Quality from Passion

Whether tender or passionate, eternal or momentary - love means responsibility for oneself and for others. Ritex is therefore committed to the highest quality and the latest technology in Germany.
The company was founded by Hans Richter in 1948 and today is a real success story.


The businessman Hans Richter – just 25 years old – establishes a company in Bielefeld, Germany, for trading in condoms. This is the origin of today’s company.


“Ritex”, a composite of RI-chter and la-TEX, the natural liquid raw material from which condoms are made, is registered as a trademark.


Foundation of the manufacturing company “Rubion” in Sarstedt near Hanover, Germany. Hans Richter gradually acquires all of the shares in the company and becomes sole shareholder of Rubion in 1972.


Ritex ceases production using its own dipping lines in Germany for financial reasons and concentrates on the coating, packaging and distribution of condoms from this point on.


Hans-Roland Richter, son of the company founder, joins the company management.


Ritex reviews its product concept for condoms. Quality becomes the absolute priority and should correspond to the highest level of science and technology at all times.


From this year on, Ritex condoms are honoured time and time again for their outstanding quality, e.g. achieving the best marks from the German consumer association “Stiftung Warentest”.


The Council of the European Community adopts Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices. This directive assigns condoms to the group of medical devices in the particularly high risk classification II b.   


Ritex decides to build a new production facility for condoms in Bielefeld.


The production facility in Bielefeld is built; production begins using the first dipping line as early as October.   


Lubricant is added to the Ritex range. Ritex Gel+ with aloe vera is rated as “Very good” by Öko-Test, the German ecological consumer magazine.


The production area at the Bielefeld location is expanded by 70% and the technical capacity for condom production by 50%.


The Ritex range and the entire corporate appearance are re-designed based on a major market study and extensive packaging tests. A sensitive, likeable, modern brand image is created.   


Robert Richter, grandson of the company founder, joins the company.


Robert Richter is appointed Managing Director. Our condoms RR.1, Ideal and Intensiv are awarded a rating of 1.9 by Stiftung Warentest.


Both the layout concept and the brand strategy developed in 2005 have proven themselves. Five years later, a minor facelift was carried out to keep the presentation of the available products up to date.


Successful participation in the city of Bielefeld’s Ökoprofit® project (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology).


Ritex concludes an inspection contract with MPA Darmstadt on regular, stringent quality control in line with the MPA’s very own IP-494 inspection programme.


Ritex expanded its product range with Ritex Kinderwunsch Conception Lubricant and positioned itself as a comprehensive family planning services provider.


Almost 12 years after the last major relaunch, Ritex took another big step forwards presenting the brand in a new light. It is our goal to achieve an omnichannel model and to be better connected, both on and offline.


Ritex is celebrating its 70th anniversary.