Ritex XXL

Ritex XXL


Greater comfort for large sizes

Ritex XXL condoms are extra large, highly elasticated and offer an intense feeling. Ritex XXL condoms are coated with extra lubricant to facilitate use when making love.

    Ritex XXL – Extra large for more comfort

    Finding the right condom size is important, as only then can it provide full protection. The Ritex XXL condom is 55 mm wide and around 200 mm long - and that is without being stretched. The Ritex XXL is the ideal condom for all those who cannot get by using normal condom sizes and want more comfort.

    The more than ample width makes the condom easier to roll down and prevents damage from being done to it. Moreover, Ritex XXL condoms are coated with extra lubricant to facilitate use when making love.


    Transparent, extra wide: 55 mm, extra long: approx. 200 mm


    8 condoms per pack

    Ritex Condoms - The right way to use them

    Play it safe.

    Ritex Premium condoms are made from natural rubber latex, the natural resource of the rubber tree, providing an intense and uniquely natural feel. They are highly elasticised and adapt perfectly to all penis sizes - just like a second skin.
    To learn more about the use and safe handling of our condoms, download their directions for use here.
    It really is easy. With a little practice, it happens almost by itself. That is why we offer a "step by step" description for the before and after. Here's a little tip: Things are not just easier in pairs - life is just better!

    Ritex Condoms - Test results

    Ritex products are made exclusively in Germany from the highest quality raw materials using the latest technology. In recent tests, Ritex condoms were able to win over adjudicators across their test criteria, including in the areas of tear resistance, ingredients and aroma.

    Below are some of our products’ test ratings.

    FAQ - answering your questions

    ? How do I find the right condom?

    Are you not sure which condom is the right one? Then take some measurements. To do so, you can either cut out the Ritex Condometer or just use a tape measure, wrap it carefully around the erect penis and read the circumference.

    • For up to 11 cm, the slim fit is ideal
    • For 11 to 13 cm, standard sizes are the best option
    • For upwards of 13 cm circumference, Ritex XXL condoms are recommended

    Condoms are very elastic. They adapt well to the shape of the penis and should fit snugly. If you use a condom that is too large, the risk of it slipping or tearing is higher.

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    ? How do you store condoms?

    Condoms should only be kept in their original sealed wrappers. Please store your condoms at room temperature. Temporary storage (no more than a few days) at temperatures of up to 50°C is possible, but should be avoided if circumstances permit. Storing condoms in the refrigerator is also possible, but does not typically result in any benefit.

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    ? When do condoms expire?

    The expiry date is printed both on the outside of the bottom flap of the packaging, as well as on each individual sealed wrapper. Please check it before use.

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    Ritex sealed wrapper - Comfortable and easy to open

    The fast and safe way to pleasurable lovemaking: Ritex sealed wrappers are especially easy to open. The practical indented edge and the special foil material allow you to remove the condoms safely, conveniently and easily. No tools are required to open it.

    Under no circumstances should you use scissors, knives or anything sharp to open the wrapper, as this increases the risk of damaging the condom! You should also be careful with piercings, jewellery and sharp fingernails.

    Ritex condom production - Made with love, for love!

    It feels good when responsibility has history. Production at Ritex, exclusively in Germany, uses the latest technology. This film shows the whole process from natural rubber latex to the finished condom.
    For you this means:

    ✓ Maximum security
    ✓ Noticeable quality
    ✓ Exciting product innovations
    ✓ National, European and international certifications

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