Ritex BIO Gleitmittel

Ritex Bio

vegan Lubricant

Ritex BIO lubricant naturally protects sensitive mucosa

Ritex BIO lubricant supplies your delicate skin with natural moisture and care. It soothes vaginal dryness and supplements the body's own moisture, increasing lubrication and enhancing sexual pleasure.

    Ritex BIO – Vegan lubricant

    Ritex BIO lubricant naturally pampers sensitive skin. Free from all additives, the BIO lubricant does away with parabens, preservatives, fragrances and colourings entirely and is exceptionally skin-friendly. With its natural moisture, it soothes vaginal dryness and provides gentle care - ensuring nothing stands in the way of sensual lovemaking.

    Ritex BIO is made with the highest quality vegan raw materials and can be used with any Ritex condom. With the BIO lubricant, intimate moments with your partner are carefree and intense! You can easily wash this nourishing water-based gel out of any fabric.


    A lot of lubricant can reduce the chance of conception. If you are trying to conceive, we recommend the specially developed Ritex Kinderwunsch Conception Lubricant.


    Glycerin, Aqua, Xanthan Gum, Lactic Acid.


    50 ml tube

    German consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST gave a score of "Very good"

    Ritex products are made exclusively in Germany from the highest quality raw materials using the latest technology. In a recent test of lubricants carried out by ÖKO-TEST magazine (issue 05/2017), the Ritex BIO lubricant was rated "very good". The water-based lubricant won the adjudicators over with its all-natural ingredients.

    Below are some of our products’ test ratings.

    FAQ – answering your questions

    ? How do you use lubricants and condoms together?

    The safety of condoms is put at risk by non-vaginal use and low vaginal moisture. If this is the case, it is important to use lubricants that are compatible with condoms, such as Ritex GEL+, Ritex HYDRO, Ritex BIO and Ritex LONGTIME. Lubricant must always be applied to the outside of the condom after it has been put on. Why? Extra lubricant should not be applied directly to the penis or to the inside of the condom, as this increases the risk of the condom slipping or tearing. Do not use oily or greasy lubricants (e.g. Vaseline, baby oil, body lotion), as they will adversely affect the condom material.

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    ? Do lubricants affect sperm activity?

    Ritex lubricant is not a form of contraception. Water-based lubricants can, however, lower sperm motility (because of their pH value). If you are trying to conceive, we recommend the specially developed Ritex Kinderwunsch Conception Lubricant.

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    ? What do you do if intolerances occur?

    If you are worried about an accidental pregnancy or an infection, or if intolerances occur while the lubricant is being used, ask your doctor or consult the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA).

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    ? Why should I use a lubricant?

    Lubricants bring more variety as well as more security to your love life, immediately supplying the necessary moisture and in doing so preventing any uncomfortable friction or even minor skin abrasions.
    As such, they serve as a sort of "jump start” if things are not going so smoothly, providing support in areas of the body that do not have their own lubrication (such as in anal intercourse). It can also generally be used as a massage product on the skin.

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    Ritex products stand out thanks to their excellent skin tolerance

    When developing products and during the whole production process, Ritex takes the utmost care in ensuring compatibility of the lubricants with skin. In clinical trials, their skin compatibility was rated "very good" by an independent accredited institute. 

    Further information on this can be requested from us free of charge.

    Made in Germany

    Ritex lubricants are manufactured in Germany using the latest technology and are subject to periodic strict quality controls. They contain selected raw materials of the highest quality. In clinical trials, their skin compatibility was rated "very good" by an independent accredited institute.