Lubricant use

Know-how: the right way to use lubricants

Ritex lubricants are medical products for use as a lubricant and massage gel in intimate areas. They are made from materials of the highest quality in Germany.

Instructions for the use of lubricants

Ritex lubricants are applied to your and/or yours partner's body (eg. vaginal opening, penis etc.) and can be used as often as you wish. When using condoms, the lubricants must not be applied to the penis or the inside of the condom directly, as this increases the risk of the condom sliding off or tearing.

Important: To ensure safety when using condoms, apply the lubricant liberally to the outside of the condom only.

If irritation occurs when using Ritex lubricants or if problems with a general lack of lubrication arise, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. Ritex lubricants are not contraceptives. Water-based lubricants can, however, reduce sperm motility (due to the vaginal pH-value). If you are currently trying to conceive, please consult your doctor before using the lubricant.

Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Replace the cap carefully after every use. Use the tube within 3 months of opening.   

For the expiry date (as long as tube is unopened) and LOT No., see the bottom of the box and the crimp of the tube.