Our philosophy

Ritex condoms - pure sensations!

Whether tender or passionate, eternal or fleeting – love means responsibility for yourself and for others.  That’s why Ritex opts for best quality and cutting-edge technology at its location in Germany.

The Ritex philosophy

» The Ritex brand stands for sensation, safety and trustful relations with one another. Our product range is optimally tailored to the needs of its users.

Maximum safety and optimal compatibility for the users of our products are our guiding principles. We place the emphasis on premium quality and cutting-edge technologies: All Ritex products are made exclusively in Germany. «

Condoms protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually-transmitted infections; that’s why we feel particularly responsible for the life and health of those who use our products.

We have been producing and distributing condoms of the highest quality since 1948 and many millions of customers have placed their trust in the Ritex brand every year since then. This makes Ritex one of the best-selling and most popular condom brands in Europe.

Strict quality controls

Condoms are produced in large quantities – and at Ritex this continues right around the clock, largely using fully automated processes. This makes continuous quality controls, which unrelentingly accompany the individual processing steps, all the more important. In our laboratory, the raw materials to be processed are already subjected to careful examination according to strict criteria. In addition to the individual testing, samples from all batches are also examined in the laboratory using a wide range of methods. The extra-fine products must withstand extreme loads such as those used in burst or tear tests.

All test results are recorded electronically, documented and assigned exactly to the production batches. As a result, data are available for each production phase from the raw materials being imported through to the finished condom. 

The careful archiving and long-term statistical evaluation of these batch documents creates an extremely valuable pool of data.

Moreover, Ritex voluntarily submits its range of condoms for strict third-party monitoring by the Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt Darmstadt (State Materials Testing Institute at Darmstadt).