Made in Germany

Quality and safety

It’s a good feeling when responsibility has a history. Ritex manufactures using cutting-edge technology exclusively at its own production facilities in Germany. 

The highest degree of safety

Particularly strict quality controls ensure convincing safety. Every Ritex condom is subjected to an individual electronic check.

Moreover, Ritex voluntarily submits its range of condoms for strict third-party monitoring by the Staatliche Materialprüfungsanstalt Darmstadt (State Materials Testing Institute at Darmstadt).

Even more for safety

The large safety wrappers are particularly easy to open on the sides with serrated edges.
The condoms are safely packed in their natural, round form and sealed in light-impermeable and airtight wrappers. There is no chance of areas being crushed or stretched.

Quality you can feel

Specially developed, intensive washing processes guarantee that Ritex condoms feature optimal compatibility and a pleasant odour.

The controlled surface finish makes the condoms extremely easy to roll down and ensures first-class glide properties. 

Exciting product innovations

Ritex specifically targets continuous product optimisation.

The best example of this:
The Ritex Perfect Form®.

Certification according to DIN/EN/ISO

In line with its quality philosophy, Ritex works according to an up-to-date quality management system and, with a CE certification, it has achieved the highest possible level of certification.

Voluntary commitment through membership of the DLF

As a founder member of the Deutsche Latex Forschungsgemeinschaft Kondome e. V. (German Research Foundation for Latex Condoms - DLF), Ritex has made a commitment to comply with the strict quality requirements of the manufacturing community.
As a result, Ritex is subject to quality monitoring by the State Materials Testing Institute at Darmstadt.