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Tradition And The Sense of Responsibility at Ritex

For Ritex as a manufacturer of medical products, tradition and a sense of responsibility are the first priorities. We see it as our duty to foster the careful and responsible use of natural resources and to be environmentally friendly.

For us, the goal is to provide future generations with the foundations for an economically stable and liveable business environment. The environmental guidelines are a compulsory benchmark for the actions of our company.

To help ourselves achieve this goal, we have developed the following environmental guidelines:

Environmental Guidelindes

Ritex acknowledges its responsibility for mankind and the environment

As a medical device manufacturer, Ritex is aware not only of its great responsibility towards its users, but also towards its duty to conserve natural resources, to act in a socially responsible manner and to strengthen Germany as a location in the economic field.

Ritex’s self-imposed objective is to integrate sustainability as a key component in all areas of business and to thereby harmonise ecological and economic objectives.

Ritex develops measures for the economical use of resources in production and administration

Ritex is committed to handling natural resources in an environmentally friendly way at its company’s production facilities and administrative departments. In this regard, the development of forward-looking solutions for avoiding, reducing or reusing energy, water and waste takes centre stage.

The aim is to feed as many of the materials used as possible into a recycling or multiple use cycle, so as to gradually cut consumption.

Ritex focuses on sustainability when designing products

The human impact of its products is the highest priority for Ritex.
Another of Ritex’s self-imposed goals is to refrain from using unnecessary packaging and to obtain any necessary remaining packaging from the most sustainable sources.

We refrain from using transparent films, blister packs and similar plastic waste in our products.
Our cardboard packaging is certified by the FSC.

Ritex documents sustainability projects

Ritex compiles an annual report, which documents the ecologically relevant measures in production and administration while stating the investments necessary for this and the associated savings.

Measures are continuously adhered to and reviewed by the Environmental Team. Ritex is happy to provide its annual report upon request.

Not only does it address the ecological aspects, such as reducing CO2 emissions; it also goes into detail regarding our commitment to social matters (e.g. supporting school-based sex education and making donations to charitable organisations).

Ritex provides employees, customers and the public with information about sustainability projects


Ritex formulates and circulates its corporate “sustainability” objective to all of its employees and customers as well as to the public. All the developments and measures are regularly and clearly presented, highlighting the general benefit for both humans and the environment.


The aim is to motivate employees to actively get involved in ecological action both in the workplace and in their private lives, and to demonstrate to the public that Ritex is a modern, forward-looking company that is aware of its social and environmental responsibility.



To enable an economically secure and worthwhile business environment in the future as well, Ritex has decided to get involved in the city of Bielefeld’s ÖKOPROFIT® project.


Integrated environmental technology

ÖKOPROFIT® is an ecological project for integrated environmental technology. It is a collaborative project between a municipality and the local economy that aims to cut operating costs at the same time as conserving natural resources (including water and energy). ÖKOPROFIT® offers a customised environmental management system for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Ritex joined the seventh round of this project in Bielefeld in 2011. For a whole year, the company was closely scrutinised with regard to environmentally friendly measures. The opportunities for optimisation determined in this way were exploited, and the success of the economical and environmental savings documented.  Ritex has also played an active role in the ÖKOPROFIT® Club since 2011.  Further information about the city of Bielefeld’s ÖKOPROFIT® project can be found here:  https://www.bielefeld.de/de/un/kli/gwt/oep/

Measures which have reduced Ritex’s annual CO2 emissions by around 20 tonnes per year have already been developed in collaboration with ÖKOPROFIT® Bielefeld. It is expected that Ritex will continue to build on this success.

The Ritex Environmental Team ensures that operational processes are evaluated, suggestions for improvement are included and suitable resource-saving measures are implemented for the benefit of mankind and the environment.

Sabine Heller (Purchasing)
Dr. Jörg Drögemeier (Quality assurance)
Rüdiger Stölting (Production and technology)
Robert Richter (Managing director)